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Welcome in Synapse Technologies

We are a dynamic technology company. Synapse Technologies was established in 2007. We provide complete IT services for companies from small to medium size businesses. For our clients, we prepare a website design or redesign, web services, domain name registration, content management, online marketing, website maintenance, hosting and Search Engine Services. We also provide consultancy and project management in the field of IT technologies.


We are a leading supplier of software application based on content management system Drupal on Czech market.


With every project, we exert maximum energy and enthusiasm and we strive to exceed all expectations. Each of our creative designs or solutions is unique and it is based on an in-depth analysis of the needs and requirements of our clients.


Our projects


You can see our actual projects on this page.


Why choose Drupal?


Drupal is free open source content management system (CMS). With Drupal you can easy create and publish content on your web site. You can manage your e-Commerce solution or prepare professional intranet solution.


How to start?


Look at our portfolio... But the best way is simply to call us. Everything will go well afterwards. :)



Our current hourly rate for creating web page is 30 €. Try us!



Got a question? Please contact us.

Mail: info@synapsetech.cz

Tel: + 420 774 788 699